Clothes which look good in a wheelchair/whilst sitting

In my last post discussing the importance of the fashion industry showing their garments on models sat down as well as standing I promised I would let you know some of my favourite outfits to wear as a wheelchair user, so here it is. There is no way I will remember every item I’ve ever worn but I will be giving some tips and tricks which help me and hopefully will inspire you too. This post may have more images than text but I feel it is best to show you what works as opposed to just writing about it.

So for years I stopped wearing jeans as they’re not the most comfortable thing to wear whilst sitting especially as the day goes on and the dreaded bloat comes along. However, I’ve come to learn that high waisted jeans are my friend…most of the time. I have been loving ‘mom’ jeans lately as I’m over the real skinny leg right now. As I am sat down I always cut the pockets off of the back to avoid any pressure irritation. So far I have found Topshop ‘mom’ jeans to be my favourite.

The denim shorts I have worn for about 8 years were from River Island and I am currently on the hunt for some new ones as they’ve gone a bit dodgy now but again they are high waisted. I have also found that jeans that simply zip up are quite flattering if the denim is of good quality.

Leggings, although seem so basic, are simply the easiest and most comfortable thing to wear when sitting down as they are streamline along your legs so you are unlikely to get any lumps or creases which could cause irritation and the elasticated waist is a massive comfort. However, you can still make them look stylish and not just ‘I can’t be arsed with style today’ – I literally wear mine with everything; oversized t-shirts, cropped tops, jumpers, even a going out top if I wear shiny ones! My favourite have been from Miss Selfridge – I have about 5 pairs but they no longer do them which is annoying! I also like wearing Adidas leggings because they are a good length for me – I am 5ft 3″ so find sometimes leggings can be too long and gather at my ankle.

Along with leggings cycling shorts are also comfortable, stylish and effortless. Again, I wear them with anything! The other night I even paired them with a pretty top even though they were just plain black.

When it comes to wearing jogging bottoms I always look for ones with a cuffed bottom as I find that if they are just straight legged they can look a bit too much for your leg in a chair. Everyone is different but that is my personal experience.

When it comes to dresses I have always found shorter dresses to work best for me. If they are long then there is just too much material to play with and it can sometimes look as if you’ve got a table cloth on you unless it is fitted. Dresses are honestly such a tricky thing to find and I know it will all depend on your shape and size too, not just the chair. I sometimes think it is fluke if a dress is flattering on me. I have found though that wrap style dresses can look quite nice as you can see from the leopard print and silver glittery one.

When it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago I wore this gorgeous dress which I never thought I’d be able to wear as it looks quite structured but I think the length was just right and it wasn’t as rigid as it looks to wear, it was by a brand called A Star Is Born.

In the past couple of years I have discovered more clothes as I literally lived in leggings and most recently I have found that jumpsuits can look quite flattering. I bought myself a great one from Oh Polly and it is a stretchy denim, zips up and has a tie at the waist which can hide your stomach if thats one of your concerns – it is my main concern as a wheelchair user.

Along with jumpsuits I have enjoyed wearing unitards during the summer and as the ones I have worn have been tight I have learnt that a bumbag is another item you’ll be glad is in your wardrobe. Unitards are also super comfy as they are generally cotton and stretchy.

When it comes to tops I think that is much more personal as opposed what looks good sitting down. It all depends on chest size and your personal taste. The problem I sometimes have with tops and dresses is that when you sit down a top can gape more than it would if you were stood up as your body is less stretched out. I have sent so many tops back as my boobs are just out as the top isn’t flush against my skin. You can see what tops and other styles I like over on my instagram @Jbone89.

So all in all I think anything high waisted, with detail at the waist is most flattering when it comes to wearing bottoms in a chair, bum bags are great when you are wearing something tighter and that soft materials are the kindest for your skin. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below as I will help where I can.

A lot of the time I enjoy wearing oversized t shirts as dresses, big hoodies, and this time of year jumper dresses also look great. I think personal style is important and it shouldn’t have to change just because you are sat down. I hope this helps you if you were a little stuck but wear what YOU feel comfortable in. We are all different, our bodies and our styles. Again I think if brands listened and showed items worn on a model sat down it would help us all tremendously.

Jordan x


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