More Than Just A Pair Of Shoes…

For my book launch next month, I wanted to buy something special – when don’t I?! I decided that wearing some luxury shoes would be the perfect purchase. I heard Lydia Millen mention that Manolo’s were super comfortable considering they’re heels, which was pretty fabulous to hear. Comfort is a massive deal breaker for me. Before I purchased the satin and Swarovski delights I found myself looking back at the end scene of the finale episode of Sex And The City.


When I had my accident I sang Candi Staton ‘You’ve Got The Love’ to keep myself from drifting towards the light which felt like a tunnel to death, you can read more about that in my book. The first time I ever heard that song was in the finale of SATC so I rewatched it and, of course, welled up. So many emotions wave through me when I watch that scene. It takes me back to the past, Carrie’s words speak to me and obviously the song means something. To be completely honest, after my accident I would get very upset whenever I heard the song. On the final clip you can see Carrie swishing around a Manolo Blahnik bag as she talks to Big on the phone, ‘You’ve Got The Love’ playing feircly in the background. This did it for me. Manolo’s were the only option for me for my book launch. They have so much more meaning than just a pair of designer shoes. They represent me before and after my accident.

The difference between before and after that fateful day on 7th May 2005 is that these Manolo’s heels won’t get worn down, you won’t hear the sound of them clicking against the floor. However, they will remain forever beautiful, never ruined. Perfect, immaculate and everlasting. The sunlight will still catch the crystals because light shines even through the dark times, and I am still Jordan wearing Manolo Blahniks. Manolo Blahniks with more meaning than just an expensive pair of shoes on my feet.

Life has given me the love I need to see me through.

Now, lets just be girls and talk about the shoes!!

I opted for the Dark Grey Satin 70 Hangisi. These stunningly classic heels are only 7cm which make for a perfect height to wear for a long period of time. They also come in 5cm, 9cm and 15cm. As mentioned before the crystals are all Swarvoski and the material is satin. I thought this colour was very classic, I did look at some light pink ones but they didn’t have my size. However, I decided that this colour will be more practical – especially if these will be my only pair.

I cannot wait to wear these heels so keep an eye out on my instagram!

Now to find the rest of my outfit…

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I purchased mine in store at the Selfridges concession.

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  1. Kara
    April 5, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    Hi Jordan, wow I’m speechless, this was such a beautiful piece of writing. You’re so inspiring, I love how you reference SATC and how you came to the conclusion of Manolo’s being the only option for your book launch, its amazing how something can take you back to a time in your life whether it’s good or bad and make you see how far you’ve come. Be proud of that honey. You inspire so many people everyday. Thank you for sharing. X

  2. Billee
    April 6, 2017 / 2:31 am

    Beautiful. I have an exquisite wardrobe from before I became ill and was able to work. Most days I’m in sweats or pajamas bed bound. But I won’t let go of my Chanel jackets, Chloe skirts and Dolce dresses. Sometimes it hurts because that life is gone. Other times it reminds me what I accomplished as a high powered exec that no one can take from me. Bottom line: i know i’m disabled but when I look at my clothes or try them on I feel like the real me. Being disabled just isn’t the real me- despite it being my reality.

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