5 Tips for Success


It’s Monday, the day a lot of people dread, the day we may try something new; whether it be a diet or a career change. We always take the plunge on a Monday, it has ‘new year, new me’ vibes about it just a little less dramatic. Therefore, I felt the urge to write a post about tips for success. I am far from where I want to be in life, success-wise, but I feel these are tips we could all take inspiration from. Just last week I uploaded a short 3 minute video to YouTube about how we can be successful, so this post is an expansion of that.

Can you believe I haven’t written on my blog since September 2016?! In all honesty I hated my blog, it didn’t represent me, more that of a 12 year old, not in the way I was writing but it looked extremely unprofessional. With that said I decided to revamp it to something to more my style. Writing this has actually inspired my first tip…

TIP 1:

Always represent yourself the way you see yourself.

Being yourself is extremely important because will you ever really be happy if you’re constantly putting on some kind of facade? Therefore, do things which represent you. Don’t do anything that doesn’t resonate with your soul. Honestly, I believe that if you do something that isn’t ‘you’, you won’t succeed in the way you would with something that is ‘you’. Essentially you are your own advert which is why I felt the need to change up my blog to show my style.

TIP 2:

What are the chances…?!

When you are feeling like you’re not shooting for the stars and are giving yourself negative feedback you are only being detrimental towards yourself. Being negative just encourages more negativity. You won’t be that successful person you once envisioned because it is masked with self-doubt and unworthiness. My tip for you is to always believe in yourself no matter what. Yes, that sounds somewhat cheesy and lame BUT its true. Look at it this way, you have so much more likelihood of succeeding at ANYTHING in life than the chances there were for YOU to be born. The chances of being born are SO rare – the statistics are something like a trillion to one. When you start to think of those odds, your chances of success don’t quite seem so distant.

TIP 3:

Work hard.

Its so easy to look at other people, especially on social media, and wish you had the things they do. However, these successful people are generally extremely hard workers. There are no days off for the people who are creating a brand whether they are their own brand or they’re selling a product. Obviously, it is great to have some downtime but for constant growth we have to work as hard as possible. Always focus on what you are good at, your strengths are what make you shine. Remember the world doesn’t owe us anything. Don’t be lazy, the rewards will be worth it.

TIP 4:

Be your own competition.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Yes, it is so easy to look at other people’s lives on Instagram etc and wish you were like them or you may even criticise them wondering why they’re doing better than you. The reality is who cares?! These people have created this life for themselves and you can do the same. You have as much chance to be as successful as they are. DO YOU, because believe me they’re not looking at your page rolling their eyes at your content. They’re working hard. Put the energy you have for them into yourself. Be your own competition because the only person we need to impress is ourselves.

TIP 5:

Do what you love.

We all have something we enjoy doing. Therefore, create it as your life. I love makeup and motivation so I have made that my career. I’ve still got a long way to go but because I have so much passion and love for what I do I feel I will succeed. I don’t feel like I am going to work everyday, and thats not just because I don’t have to leave the house to go to ‘work’. Its a privilege to do what I do.

I hope you found these quick tips useful. Please share with your friends if you did. By the way, if you’re only a reader of my blog you may not know but my debut book, My Beautiful Struggle, will be out May 2017. I am very excited. You can pre-order your copy here.




  1. February 8, 2017 / 5:15 am

    I adore tip #2. It is so easy to get down on oneself and not reach for the stars. It’s always a good reminder to be positive.

    xo Logan

  2. Cintia Panizza
    February 8, 2017 / 10:44 pm

    I love the 5 tips. You are so incredible. What you wrote motivated me and I am going to apply these tips In my life. You have the gift of motivate people and I cannot wait to buy your book.

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