Monday Motivation Quote #6 – A Bad Day

“Don’t let a bad day mean a bad week.” – Jordan Bone

We all have days where we have just had enough. Days where all we want to do is cry, eat loads of chocolate and cuddle our duvet and thats OK. Life can be tough so when you’re feeling that life is a bit too much take notice of those feelings, have a good cry and do something for you. Get the negativity out of your system so the rest of your week is a positive and productive one. Sometimes many of us feel defeated if we admit we’re having a bad day but remember you are human and its normal to have the odd crappy day now and again.

Remember if you’re feeling low its always good to talk to someone, especially if its more than just the odd bad day. Also, if you’re in an unhappy situation and you can change it remember you are in control of your own life.

I hope you’re having a good Monday so far and that you have a great week. If your week is off to a rocky start so far just know it’ll get better if you let it!

Happy Monday xo


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