Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Palette | Review, Swatches & Tutorial

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Around a year ago I treated myself to a variety of Makeup Geek single eyeshadows to fill my Z palette. I’d heard wonderful things and even though I had to buy them from their American website, which meant risking being charged an extortionate amount of extra tax by the postman, I decided it was worth the risk. A year later and after much lusting after the Vegas Lights palette I decided to treat myself again. I’d bought this palette for my friend a few weeks before and wasn’t charged any tax at the door which I was pleased about so justified that I should buy it for myself! This time however I received a note through my door stating I had to pay £14 before I could receive it…grr!!! So basically if you’re from the UK I believe its luck of the draw if you have to pay extra charges or not. Fortunately, Makeup Geek’s shipping to the UK is rather reasonable…around £8 if I remember correctly and only took around a week to get to me.

OK, thats enough P&P chat!!! Lets get on to the palette…

The Vegas Lights palette from Makeup Geek includes 6 eyeshadows, 5 of which are unique to this palette, which is limited edition. It costs $37.99 which is around £25, making the eyeshadows just over £4 each. If you’re obsessed with warm tones on the eyes then this palette is for you. The pigmentation of each of these shadows in undeniably amazing and with one swipe you are left with a good coverage of product. In the swatches above you can see the shadows photographed with and without the flash and you can see they all look great. The lightest shade hasn’t shown up as much as I would’ve thought but when applied to the brow bone it looks lovely. Although these are powder shadows they feel almost creamy/buttery which I love because this means the blend well and don’t look too powdery or flat. The eyeshadow pans are a generous size and you can depot them and put them inside your own palette if desired. The palette includes a mirror which is always handy when on the go.

The shades and colour descriptions (taken from because I suck at describing colours):

– Casino – Shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones
– Sin City – Shimmery golden apricot/golden medium orange
– Roulette – A rosy, burnt shimmery sienna
– Mirage – Pale matte beige with yellow undertones and a silky finish
– Desert Sands – Matte, medium terra-cotta
– Bada Bing – Deep brown with flecks of gold

I really recommend this palette for those who enjoy warm tones and decent eyeshadows at a reasonable price. You can only purchase one palette per order so if you’re thinking of buying it for someone else and yourself shop fast as its limited edition!

Buy it HERE

For the review and swatches of the single eyeshadows I bought last year click HERE

Makeup Geek eyeshadows don’t contain talc, are paraben free and have not been tested on animals.


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