Women’s Confidence Campaign with Lorraine Kelly & Avon

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Last Tuesday I took a trip down to London to join Avon and Lorraine Kelly to discuss women’s confidence at The Covent Garden Hotel – which is a gorgeous boutique hotel down a quaint street in Covent Garden. At the round table in a beautiful room was a table of ten women (myself included) and one man (to mix things up!). Some were journalists, others were Avon representatives, a blogger (me) and the lovely Lorraine Kelly. Lorraine lit up the room with her welcoming smile and conversed with us all about the confidence issue.

We were given a few different topics surrounding confidence to discuss which was very interesting (e.g what makes women feel confident to the effects of the media). Ultimately this round table conversation is the start of a confidence campaign for women. We decided to kick off the #UltimateYou campaign by writing compliments to another woman on a white board which we posted online (as you can see mine is to my wonderful mother!). By doing this we are encouraging confidence by praising one another, putting people up instead of down. Lorraine mentioned that us women should be part of a sisterhood instead of being rivals which I fully agree with.

After our inspiring and empowering chat we then headed to another room for afternoon tea (which looked mouth watering I had to have a cheeky scone – totally would’ve had more if I felt more confident …oh the irony!) where we looked at Avon’s amazing Anew skincare range which Lorraine is the new face of. The night cream really stood out to me as when I tested it on my very dry hands they automatically became so smooth I can only imagine its amazing on the face and neck.

Be beautiful on the inside as well as out, be confident, be the #UltimateYou.

Here are the interesting research statistics Avon found which we discussed:

Avon confidence results (Please click to view the PDF)

What do you think to the statistics? What makes you feel confident?





  1. Anastasia
    March 20, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Jordan I just wanted to tell you that I just recently found your blog and YouTube channel and I just have to say that I love your makeup videos so much. I’ve gotten so many good tips from them especially on lipstick colours. And I’ve gotten so much encouragement from your videos where you give tips on how to be a happier person, they are really helpful and always make me feel more confident. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out! And I love your style you’re always dressed so well! You have inspired me so much. I can only admire your strength and courage and the way you inspire everyone. I wish you all the best and happiness! 🙂

    • March 31, 2015 / 8:18 pm

      That is such a sweet comment, thank you so much! Xx

  2. April 15, 2015 / 10:18 am

    Hi Jordan. I’m an Avon representive since 2007(Teamleader since 2 months back) in Finland and I found your amazing videos on Avon UK youtube. You’re such an inspiration and you’re an awesome youtuber. Avon means so much to me, I love their products and I have an amazing team and amazing customers and I look forward to all that Avon will give me, it has given me so much already. Thank you and have a nice day <3 Lots of love and hugs!

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