Loving Tan Ultra Dark Review

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I love having a good tan, who doesn’t?! But gone are the days where I would lay on a sun-bed with fake vitamin D harming my body. I had a scare when I was 20 when I had a mole removed and it had a slight malignant melanoma in it, safe to say I never set foot in a tanning salon again and never will. Thankfully, fake tan is the best option for a healthy, not to mention non-harmful, glow all year round. I used to be a girl who would fake tan around twice a week but now I’m getting a bit older (and a bit lazier) I just do it when I have an occasion or I want to feel better about myself because lets face it I definitely prefer my appearance with a tan.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out an ultra dark mousse from the Australian company Loving Tan. The ultra dark tan has a whopping 13% of DHA in, which is the active ingredient for the tan to develop, whereas the other leading brands have only 3-6% DHA…wow! This makes the ultra dark tan the same strength as a dark professional tan. However, Loving Tan don’t only use DHA they also use Erythrulose which helps to eliminate that orange tinge, instead leaving you with a natural olive tan. All Loving Tan mousses are made with certified organic DHA with no parabens or alcohol.

How I got on with the tan:

To apply I used a Loving Tan mitt which feels a little bit velvety making it seem very luxe for a tanning mitt. This particular mitt helps the tan to glide on smoothly. I must say you have to work super fast when applying this tan because when it says it dries in 60 seconds its not kidding. When I first started applying it I noticed it was a deep dark reddy brown shade which is just the instant bronzer to help you see where you have applied the tan. After I had tanned everywhere I was a tiny bit patchy because it dried in some areas so quick however this wasn’t a problem because when I washed it off the next day I was streak free. However, I did make a rookie mistake before tanning because I forgot to exfoliate (*face palm*) which is also probably why it was applying a little patchy.

As this was a darker tan I expected the smell to be even worse than most tans but I was so surprised as this tan has hardly any smell. Another bonus? It hardly marked my bed sheets!

This tan lasted about a week before it really needed to be scrubbed off which is quite a long time, especially because I didn’t exfoliate beforehand. I can’t wait to try this tan again as I got so many compliments when I wore it – even my fiancé said it looked great and we all know men can be so oblivious to things like this!

You can get a FREE tanning mitt with any Loving Tan mousse with the code JordanB 

They ship worldwide 🙂




  1. February 13, 2015 / 5:45 pm

    Looks like a lovely tan. I always forget to take good before and after pics when I tan, next time I’m definitely going to do it the way you have.

    Great review. Love the pink metallic branding!

    Katie <3

  2. February 22, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    Its such a fab tan, can’t wait to use it again! Xx

  3. July 6, 2016 / 3:06 pm

    Look great on you!

    I bought a bottle and took it on holiday with me and was disappointed 🙁 I don’t know if i got a bad batch or something but I didn’t find it that dark and I went through the whole bottle quicker than I’ve ever gone through tan.

    Maybe I should try it again!


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