Bring The Spa To Your Home With Janjira

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Janjira is a brand I have recently been introduced to and I adore it. Janjira is a brand which was born in Thailand and they offer their customers only the best natural skincare products. Along with leaving our skin satisfied Janira believe their products also helps to relax the body as well as energise the mind. I love anything to do with wellbeing so I couldn’t wait to try a couple of products from the Thai Lime & Ginger range and the Massage Candle. Before I continue let me just say that the smell of these products is absolutely incredible.

Janjira Massage Candle *~ When I first heard of this I was intrigued as I am sure you are. Initially I thought, how on earth could you pour hot oil from a candle on to your body without burning yourself. However, I gave it ago and was so surprised that the oil was only slightly warm as I massaged it into my skin. Afterwards my skin felt so soft and looked shiny but didn’t feel greasy at all. The smell of this massage candle is very difficult for me to explain but take my word for it, its lush, it has hints of zest to it but also a creamy very slight floral scent. Once you have lit the candle and let the oil melt a bit you blow the flame out and easily pour the oil into your hand with the spout end of the holder. Once you have used it the oil then solidifies again so you never waste any product. This would be such a romantic gift or great for somebody who could do with a bit of TLC.

Janjira  Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub * ~ With a combination of very beneficial natural ingredients from argan kernel oil to ginger root extract and lots in-between (click the link to read all ingredients) combined with refined sugar this scrub really scrubs away your dry skin sins. Once you have scrubbed your body you are left with a phenomenal smell of ginger and lime which lingers on your body all day.

Janjira Thai Lime Ginger Shower Scrub * ~ This has to be the product out of the three which I have used most. It is a shower gel and scrub in one however, the scrub in this product isn’t as intense as the previous scrub which makes it suitable for everyday use. Each time I use this I feel so clean, it lathers up well on my shower puff and just leaves my skin smelling so zesty, like I have literally stepped out of a spa. The only flaw in this product is that the pump doesn’t work too well so I have to undo the top to release the product – this may just be mine though.

I am obsessed with how amazing this line of Janjira products are, I just need to get myself a everyday moisturiser and i’ll be good to go. Who needs a spa?!


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  1. September 28, 2014 / 1:06 pm

    Randomly saw your video with Pixiwoo. You’re such an inspiring person plus great sense of style and beauty…and blog templates haha (I have the same template in mine!). X

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