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I’ve always been a sucker for big hair, the bigger the better I always say, so you can imagine I was excited when a press release was sent to my inbox all about a hairdryer that could give you big fat hair. Lee Stafford have recently released its Big Fat Pulsating Dryer* which basically claims to give your hair more volume and its all down the its fancy circular attachment. The attachment called the PiNK Pulsator (sounds a bit rude in my opinion, ha!) has a Hyper Velocity motor which makes it generate more airflow which creates volume at the root as well as making the hair dry four times quicker than a regular hairdryer.

This 2000W hairdryer has two speed settings, three heat settings and a cool shot button which can be handy to set the hairstyle in place. You also receive a regular hairdryer attachment which will be better for when you want a sleeker look.

The verdict:

The first time I used the Big Fat Pulsating Dryer it didn’t really do much but I think its because I used it wrong, I dried my hair normally when it suggests to go from underneath to give the hair more volume. The second time I used it I dried it following the directions and it definitely made a difference. However, it felt a tad flyaway and a bit frizzier at the ends than usual so I would say that while it gives the hair more volume it would need to be styled afterwards. Well my hair would need to anyway. I think this prepares the hair for rollers or for if you’re going to curl the hair as it makes the hair less slippery – if that makes sense? I did notice my hair dried quite a lot quicker than it usually does with my regular dryer which is a bonus. All in all, my hair was bigger but the dryer didn’t give it a salon blow dry as some may expect. However, the more I use it the I may find different tricks to help the hair look better. Overall, I would say this is a decent hairdryer as you can use it as a regular hairdryer or use the Pulsator to get a fuller look. It looks attractive and the price is pretty too at only £32.99 from Argos. 


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  1. September 30, 2014 / 4:57 pm

    At least it looks pretty in its pinkness! Shame it didn’t quite do what you wanted though! I always blow-dry my hair upside down to make it bigger!

    Katie <3

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