Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

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Well, if it wasn’t official before it definitely is now, I’m obsessed with eyeshadows as I can’t seem to get enough lately. My latest editions to my collection come from Makeup Geek, an American drugstore priced cosmetic brand. I came across Makeup Geek eyeshadows because so many YouTubers have been raving about them, particularly Jaclyn Hill, and damn she has influenced me to buy a hefty thirteen shadows…all in one go. I was pleasantly surprised that the shipping from the USA to UK only cost me $9 (£5.34) and there were no hidden tax fees on top – yay!

On the Makeup Geek website you will find a huge selection of beautiful eyeshadow pans which are all magnetic. For that reason I’d recommend also treating yourself to a Z Palette to keep them safe. Each eyeshadow is only $5.99 (£3.56) but all have the pigmentation of what you’d expect a higher brand eyeshadow to have – a lot of people have likened them to MAC. The eyeshadows aren’t at all talcy but they’re buttery, smooth and blend very well. The matte shades are so perfect for the crease and I agree with everyone who says ‘Peach Smoothie’ is a staple eyeshadow even though it is so light – basically it works so well when applied to the crease and towards the brow bone as a base for the transitional shade as it creates more dimension. Although some of the shades I bought are classed as shimmery I would say they have a satin finish because they don’t have heavy chunks of glitter in them and, like I said before, they apply like butter. These eyeshadows are long-lasting, well they looked fab all day, so they’ve definitely impressed me. All in all, I’d recommend these eyeshadows to everyone I know, including YOU, so head on over to to treat yourself to some beautiful bargain eyeshadows.

Which eyeshadow have you got your eye on?



  1. August 6, 2014 / 9:23 am

    Such amazing eyeshadow and so cheap! When I was looking on the Makeup Geek website yesterday there was some comments that people had to pay charges at the Post Office but you say you didn’t? I’m unsure whether to order or not :/
    Angel Flicks

    • August 8, 2014 / 12:53 pm

      They’re so great! I guess its luck of the draw when it comes to having to pay extra charges! I used to always buy leggings from BlackMilk in Australia and would sometimes be charged extra and sometimes I wouldn’t so I guess its the same! Xx

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