Motivational Monday – Part 1 – Bethany Townsend


After a weekend we all can feel the drag of a Monday so I’ve decided to start a blog series called ‘Motivational Monday’ (a bit of an obvious title but hey!). There are so many inspiring people and things out there that can motivate us to realise that life is amazing so I thought that I would spread a little bit of inspiration to encourage you to start your week with a positive mindset.

So for my first MM post I want to talk about an inspiring woman named Bethany Townsend. If you haven’t been under a rock this past week you would’ve heard of her. Over an impressive 12.4 million people have viewed a photo of her laying on a sun lounger soaking up the sunshine in her bikini. The reason she has caused a positive stir in the media is because in her bikini snap you can visibly see her colostomy bags. Bethany, who is 23, has had Crohns disease most of her life and 4 years ago her bowel unfortunately burst which resulted in her needing to have two colostomy bags. The reason I wanted to write about this is because it has inspired me. Seeing a beautiful girl laying there with her colostomy bag fully on show will help tremendous amounts of women and men in the same situation to feel more confident about themselves. Its so easy to feel conscious of our bodies regardless of any foreign bodies we may have so the photo of Beth shows that she has the right attitude to life – an attitude we should all have. We shouldn’t let anything step in our way, we all deserve to live the best life possible no matter what health issues we may have. Next time you’re worried about something trivial just think of the bigger picture. Beth has shown the world something that could make her feel vulnerable but she has chosen to live a positive life and has helped so many in the process.

This week try and push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do something that may help others. After all helping others ends up helping us feel fantastic!

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