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With so much negativity and words of hate spread all over the internet I found it refreshing to find that NOWSEEN, an online jewellery store and self acclaimed ‘gemstone nerds’,  had created a #BBFF campaign (Best Blogging Friend Forever) which is for fellow bloggers to show support for one another. I found out about the campaign because the gorgeous Liza from GlamBeautys asked me to be her #BBFF and of course I couldn’t refuse! Along with showing some blogger love to one another each blogger receives a gorgeous Lunar bracelet from NOWSEEN’s collection. I chose the blue topaz one which is gold plated and sterling silver – it is so dainty and pretty it looks lovely alone or amongst other bracelets. I love gemstones and the benefits they’re supposed to give us so I was so excited to be able to chose which gemstone I’d like. Once Liza requested me to be her #BBFF I then had to reach out to another blogger to be mine so they could carry on the campaign. I chose to ask the lovely Lisa from GoldenGlow because she has supported my blog in the past so this felt like a fab time to give something back and I can guess Lisa is chuffed with her bracelet too.

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I’ve followed Liza’s beauty and fashion blog for quite sometime now and I adore it. Not only is she a fab blogger but she is also a ray of sunshine with her positive and fun attitude to life. Go check her out you won’t regret it!

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Lisa’s beauty blog is one I’ve read for a while now and I love it. She writes so well and her layout is so crisp and clean. She is a gorgeous and talented girl…she’s even a chef! Come cook for me Lisa?! Like I said I felt she deserved to be my #BBFF because she has supported me in the past. Go check out her blog – she’s simply fab! 

What do you think of this campaign? Who would be your #BBFF?

Head over to to get your own lunar bracelet 



    • July 14, 2014 / 2:17 pm

      Thanks so much for picking me Liza xx

  1. Cher
    July 8, 2014 / 9:39 pm

    Hiya Jordan, you have the best beauty blog site!
    So easy to read and enjoyable to read,
    Can you post about applying foundations and contouring and what’s the best foundations to use 😀 x

    • July 14, 2014 / 2:16 pm

      That is so sweet thank you! I’ll be showing my foundation collection in a blog post soon…stay tuned 😉 I have a video on my youtube about contouring… 🙂 x

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