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After years of only getting the occasional pimple I was shocked to find I’d suddenly let my jaw line become the home to a colony of spots, which I instantly decided had outstayed their welcome. I am probably being a little bit dramatic but because never suffered with bad skin I was quite shocked and didn’t even know what to do. Luckily I was sent Face B4’s Anti-bacterial Face Wash* and Serum* at just the right time…all I was thinking was ‘please work!’.

The face wash is 2-in-1 which is so fab for those who have to get ready in a hurry. Sorry, I should explain…by 2-in-1 I mean it is a cleaner and toner in one product. If you turn the bottle upside down you will see two separate bottles with two different liquids inside which are then pumped out together creating a 2-in-1 product. The product itself is said to be the UK’s most effective anti-bacterial face wash which thoroughly cleanses the pores removing any annoying excess oil. The face B4 products have been dermatology tested to be safe to use for all skin types. I found one pump to be enough to clean my entire face – just avoid your eyes as it stings if you get it in them! Once I’ve throughly massaged the cleanser into my skin I then left it for one minute before rinsing. When I first used it I found it slightly drying but I suppose that is because it was removing any excess oil I was producing. This 100ml cleanser costs £14.95 which is very reasonable considering the product is 2-in-1!

The serum is an anti-bacterial moisturiser which helps prevent spots also. It is enriched with a combination of vitamins (A, B, B5 & E) to smooth and soothe the skin. This serum is creamy and quite thick so I found it a little difficult to spread when using only one pump so after about a week I started using two pumps which seemed too much. So finally I discovered using one and a half pumps was perfect. This 30ml serum retails at £14.95 also.

So do these products work? The answer is yes! After around ten days of using the products together my skin cleared up and now I’m pretty much spot free. I don’t think I’ll be using this constantly though but just times when I’m breaking out because generally my skin is pretty clear. I definitely would recommend this product to give your skin a thorough clean and to ward off any spots which may be looking to take a holiday on your skin!

Find them both at Boots.

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      Thanks hun i’ll check it out x

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