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How My Brows Are Shaped ~

Ever since I’ve started blogging I’m always complimented on my brows which I am rather happy about because brows can make a massive difference to your look as they frame your face. Having the perfect shaped eyebrow can transform your face so much and can even make you look younger and wider eyed. Although, I am complimented on my brows I cannot take all the credit. A couple of years ago my brows were so sparse as they had been over waxed so I would have to draw virtually the whole brow on to disguise the lack of hair. It was awful. I was in desperate need of rescuing so I grew them out and then contacted Becky who works for HD Brows and my eyebrow life was saved. If you haven’t heard of HD Brows before basically a HD Brow stylist will tint, wax, pluck, thread and trim your eyebrows along with threading of the forehead to leave the brows looking ultra defined which frame your face perfectly. The technique they use to shape your brows is all due to alignment with other parts of the face e.g. the bottom corner of the nose will be in (diagonal) line with the end of the brow etc – well mine are anyway. I definitely recommend checking out the HD Brow website to find you nearest salon.

What Products I use To Fill In My Brows ~

Firstly, if I’m not being lazy, I will use a spooly (which I forgot to photograph as I obviously forgot to use it that day, tut tut!) to comb through my brows to make sure they are all going in the same direction. Next, I use MAC’s eyebrow pencil in the shade ‘Lingering’. I adore this eyebrow pencil and have done for well over 5 years now – that just shows how much I love it. The pencil itself winds up and is fairly soft which makes it more of a crayon type pencil. With this product you can naturally fill in your brows as you can just gently tickle the eyebrow with the pencil for light application and a little harder in certain areas e.g. the arch to make the colour a little deeper. I then use a MAC 266 brush which is a small angled brush which I then use mainly for the front area of the brow. The front area of the brow needs to be the lightest part so I only add a tiny bit of pencil to underneath of that area which I then blend out with the 266 brush resulting in a natural blended brow. I then brush through the entire brow with the 266 brush to define the lines. Finally, I use Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ which is a tinted brow gel. I use this to set my brows in place by brushing sideways and upwards keeping them in the desired position throughout the day. Reading this may be a little confusing so I have finally filmed a tutorial which you can watch by clicking HERE.

My Advice ~

* Invest in your brows. The most important thing you can do for the sake of your brows is to have a professional do them. However, not all salons are good enough so make sure you see their work first or just find a HD stylist. HD Brows cost around £25 whereas you can usually get them waxed for around £10. HD Brows last around 4 weeks and I had found that just your general wax lasts around 2 weeks. Remember that a HD Brow specialist does a lot more than just wax so its definitely worth the money. I believe that if you have lovely makeup but really disastrous eyebrows then that just ruins the look – sorry if that sounds harsh but I think its true.

*If you have over plucked them or they haven’t been waxed into the shape you like then grow them out. Yes, they will look a bit dodgy for a while but you’ll be glad when they’re a great shape a few months down the line.

*Don’t fill in your brows harshly!!! You want your brows to be defined and visible but you don’t want to look like you’ve drawn them on with a sharpie!

* And finally the photo below is so true. Take note.




  1. June 4, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    I agree HD brows are definitely worth the investment. I started to get them done about a year ago and a few months down the line I was too lazy and just got a normal wax and tint, this set me way back and I have had to start all over again with HD 🙁 xx

    • June 5, 2014 / 4:02 pm

      Oh no! Hopefully they’ll be back to how you like them soon x x

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