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I was sent these four Revlon Colourstay eyeshadow quads* to review for a journalist of the Daily Mirror newspaper – which is in today’s issue by the way so go get a copy! I ended up choosing to trial the palette called ‘545 Attitude’ which is made up of neutral tones. The shades are a matte dark brown, a matte warmer brown, a shimmery mushroom, and a matte light pink. The pigmentation of this quad varies as the two brown shades are highly pigmented whereas the two lighter shades needed a lot of building up, especially the base shade (shimmery mushroom), before I was happy with the result. The darker shades blended out well when I used my Sigma E35 brush but if I was stuck with the spongy applicator Revlon gave me I would’ve not been able to work with the shadows so well. Although, the applicator could come in handy if you’re out and about. On the back of the packaging is a guide which recommends where you should apply each shade, which is a nice touch for those who need an extra helping hand. The size of the product is appealing as it would be perfect for holidays or weekend breaks because it is so compact.

Revlon claims these eyeshadows last for a whopping 16 hours but after around 11 or 12 hours my eyeshadows looked washed out and I would’ve needed to reapply if I wasn’t just slouching around at home. It seems to me the lighter shades faded more rapidly than the brown shades. However, if Revlon hadn’t claimed their product lasts 16 hours I would’ve been impressed with it regardless as it is a bargain at only £7.99 and at that price I can’t really complain.

You can get your Revlon Colourstay eyeshadow quad here and you will be spoilt for choice as there’s an amazing 18 palettes to choose from. 



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  1. March 22, 2014 / 7:35 pm

    great colors for everyday use ! I have 2 of them and I love how pigmented they are,

    :* Lily

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