The Bronze Buffer


Fake tan is one of my holy grail products but with regular use I’m always suffering with the patchy build up which I wish would just wash away leaving me ready for a fresh tan. I only have a shower you see, which I think is one of the problems, I’ve heard soaking in a nice warm bath always helps to remove excess tan. I have been on a mission and that mission is to find a product which removes that pesky build up and thats how I came across the Bronze Buffer. The Bronze Buffer is a sponge and nothing more, no chemicals and no other product is needed to make it work. Just wet it and wring it out and gently wipe away any build up or fake tan mishaps. Yes, this product works, however, I think it’s best for little mishaps rather than a lot of build up as the sponge is quite small so to do your whole body would take some patience. I have definitely wiped away quite a bit of my build up but in certain areas I got a bit carried away and wiped a bit too much and now I’m left with painful friction burn, ouch! I will definitely be trying this again if I have a fake tan disaster around areas like the ankles, elbows and hands but I think I will stay away from using it for my whole body! This product costs £10 and you receive two star shaped sponges inside a cute little box. This is definitely something avid fake tan lovers need in their cupboard for those tan emergencies! You can purchase the Bronzer Buffer here.

Do you guys have any great fake tan removal tips?



    • February 20, 2014 / 10:47 am

      Haha…this is a great product for those emergencies but seriously don’t wipe over the same area more than once if you get it I’ve really hurt myself near my armpit 🙁 xx

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