Wearable Smokey Eye ~ Naked 3 Palette



Whether you’re meeting your girls for cocktails, going to a family wedding or going on a shopping spree a smokey eye is a look we can all rely on to make us feel our best. Using Urban Decay’s latest edition, the Naked 3 palette, I have created the above look. I feel the eyeshadows i’ve used to create this look are dark enough to feel smokin’ but not so heavy that you feel overdone if you wore this during the day.

To watch the tutorial of this click here

Step 1: First of all I took the lightest shade in the palette called ‘Strange’ and used it to highlight my brow bone using a spongy Bdellium Tools 740 brush.

Step 2: Next I took a Sigma E25 blending brush and swiped it in to the shade ‘Limit’ I then buffed it into my crease going all the way up to the highlight shade. This works as our transition shade.

Step 3: Taking a Bdellium Tools 777 brush I then applied the shade ‘Factory’ all over the base of my lid.

Step 4: I then grabbed a Sigma E45 small tapered brush which I brushed through the shade ‘Darkside’ and applied it to the crease and the outer corner of the eye. When doing this just really blend it to make it as smokey as possible. We’re not creating a cut-crease here to no need to be too precise.

Step 5: Taking the Sigma E45 blending brush again I then blended ‘Darkside’ out and up towards ‘Limit’ so the transition shades merge together to create a soft smoke. ¬†You may need to add a little more of the shade ‘Limit’ when doing this.

Step 6: Next I took a Sigma E30 pencil brush and ran the shade ‘Factory’ along the lower lash line.

Step 7: Taking the Bdellium Tools 740 brush again and I added the shade ‘Strange’ to the inner corner (tear duct area).

Step 8: I then used MAC’s liquid eyeliner in ‘Bootblack’ and created a winged eye. I also brought this down to the inner corner to create a slightly more feline look.

Step 9: I then ran a MAC black pencil eyeliner in my waterline.

Step 10: I finished by adding lots of Eyeko ‘Skinny Brush’ mascara. You could always add false lashes if you want a more dramatic look!



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  1. Louise Millar
    January 22, 2014 / 1:41 pm

    this is a lovely look it really makes your eyes stand out, I’m going to practice this i’ll probs end up looking like I have a black eye lol xx

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