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When Pearlys wrote on their Twitter page that they wanted bloggers to test their products I couldn’t email them quick enough. Who doesn’t want a brighter smile after all? I was lucky enough to be sent the entire at home range which you can find here for £40. I’ve been using the above products for around a month now and I think they’re great. My teeth are fairly white anyway but they definitely look brighter. The products are very easy to use and self explanatory as the packaging tells you whether it is a weekly product or a daily product. This is a home whitening kit not a bleaching kit which means it will whiten your teeth back to their natural colour by removing stains etc so don’t be disheartened if you’re not blinding people with your Ross Gellar smile (We all remember that episode of friends!).

Inside you will find a Weekly Teeth Whitening Powder, Daily Teeth Whitening Foam & Weekly Teeth Whitening Pen. However, in the above photos you can see I have more products which is because Pearlys also send you a free gift with the Smile Box at the moment. I’ve been sent a bag to carry it all in, floss, mouthwash, a travel toothbrush, a mirror compact and lipgloss. Although, when you purchase it regularly you will get the wash bag and 2 extra products.


Weekly Teeth Brightening Powder ~ Instead of using your regular toothpaste once a week you can use this. Simply wet your toothbrush and then pop the brush head into the powder and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. I was dreading using this as thought it would taste really powdery but I was pleasantly surprised as it foamed up really well and left me feeling fresh as the product seems to help you give your teeth a deep clean. This contains sodium bicarbonate and green tea.


Daily Teeth Whitening Foam ~ Apply your toothpaste onto your toothbrush like usual and then simply add a pump of this product on top. It contains 0.16% sodium perborate which helps to lift stains from the enamel.


Pearlys Teeth Whitening Pen ~ Once a week after you’ve brushed your teeth with your weekly powder you can use this little nifty pen! You simply wind up the end to release the product (a bit like many concealers!) and coat your teeth. You then rinse after 10 minutes. Remember to keep your mouth open for about 60 seconds while it dries if not you’ll just cover your lips in the product! This contains 0.16% sodium perborate and sodium bicarbonate to help with the whitening system.


Daily Teeth-Whiten Rinse ~ Simply use this mouthwash after you’ve brushed your teeth to avoid staining from foods and drink. This product contains 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. I used this product up so quick but I think Mike had sneakily been using it too!

Overall I think the Pearlys Smile Box is worth investing in if you’re interested in maintaining a bright and clean looking smile. If you’re only interested in one of their products then don’t worry as you can buy them all individually too.


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