Functionalab ~ Hair, Skin & Nail Supplement


There are so many different supplements on the market which claim to benefit our health in different ways but sometimes its hard to know whether they actually work and if they’re worth investing in. When I was sent this sample of Funtionalab Hair, Skin & Nail supplement* I was apprehensive to use it at first as I didn’t think it would improve anything and I already take a variety of vitamins so the thought of another pill wasn’t appealing. The box recommends you take two tablets a day (you get 30 days worth) but I kept on forgetting to take the second tablet. Seeing as I wasn’t complying with the rules on the box I automatically assumed that taking the supplement was pretty pointless‚Ķuntil I went to the hairdressers. Whilst my hairdresser was weaving through my hair to add highlights she mentioned that I had lots of new little hairs growing. I thought the worst at first and assumed my hair had split off but she said they looked new. I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed that would’ve contributed to this other than the tablets and it would make sense since as they claim to improve your hair. I can’t comment on whether they have improved nails because I haven’t seen much difference as my nails grow pretty rapidly anyway. I like that it claims to protect skin from free radicals which are produced when you’re exposed to the sun. Obviously I can’t also comment on whether this is true but if it does what it says then its only a positive.

Whats in the supplement?

* Biotin

* Zinc

* Vitamin C

* Vitamin A


For more scientific information about this supplement and to purchase click here


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