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Raw Gaia ~ Face Pack Collection (Trial size) ~ £9.99 ~ www.rawgaia.com

When we can’t get to a luxurious spa we all treat ourselves to a bit of a pamper and no matter what our routine involves it will undoubtedly include some kind of face pack. So last week when I was poorly I thought it would be the perfect time to pamper myself. These face packs from Raw Gaia packed inside a cotton drawstring bag are all trial sizes (15ml) which is a great taster to see which one is your favourite. When applying products to our face its important that we know that it doesn’t contain anything bad for us which is why I am confident to show you these. At Raw Gaia everything is 100% natural! All 3 of the face packs are in jars and are powder based. You have to scoop one teaspoon into a bowl and add water to create a thick consistency to then apply to your face and leave for 5-10 mins (this varies with each face pack though so do check the website for instructions). This collection has been launched for Christmas 2013 and it will be a great stocking filler.

The one I’m glamorously (LOL!) modelling in the photo above is the Raw Chocolate Face Pack. Raw chocolate is the best antioxidant in the world so this helped draw out any toxins my skin was holding onto. It smelt incredible, I even had to get myself a hot chocolate because I needed to resist eating the face pack – seriously! It did slightly stain my skin but that didn’t last long once I’d washed it again. I think the slight tinge it gave me was because it also contains organic red clay, turmeric and amla fruit powder which help skin problems such as acne & eczema as well as toning and making your skin more radiant.

The one with the green packaging only includes one ingredient of sun-dried green clay. It naturally draws out any toxins and pollutants that are under the skin. It tightens your skin which is always a bonus and is perfect for sensitive skin.

The one with orange packaging is made up of Moroccan lava clay. It is a great anti-immflammatory and has antiseptic qualities so is a brilliant cleanser.

Each of these face packs are brilliant and for £9.99 this face pack collection is well worth the money. We are exposed to so many chemicals in everyday life its so lovely to find products which offers us something 100% organic and natural. The only downside to this gift set is that it doesn’t include instructions of how to use the face packs so you have to go onto the website to find out. If I was giving this as a gift I would print off the instructions for each!

Find it here : https://www.rawgaia.com/content/face-pack-collection-trial-sizes#.Uop84Bb7-Rs


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