Trick or Treat?

It was that time of year again when the ghouls were amongst us and we got to dress up however we wanted. However, I am a firm believer that we should dress up as something scary for Halloween, don’t you? You can make yourself look pretty or go on a fancy dress night whenever so creating frightening looks is always much more fun! I was going to go out dressed as a skull/Marilyn Monroe but thought my blood splatter dress didn’t really go with the look. Therefore, I opted for to be a murdered girl with a slit neck. Lovely. I loved creating this look. What do you think? Do I look scary?


To make my face white I used a NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk and set it with a white powder. I then used a NARS bronzer in ‘Casino’ to create the contours to make myself appear gaunt. For the eyes I used my Coastal Scents 88 original palette and mainly used the black and deep red shadows. To create the veins under my eyes I used a paint brush and wet the red eyeshadow and lightly made vein lines on my skin. For the lips I used MAC ‘Dark Deed’ from the Disney Villains collection. To made the slit neck look I used liquid latex and then split it open where I placed red eyeshadow and fake blood. I’d never used liquid latex before and it does take quite a while but it looks so good so bear with it.

Photo on 31-10-2013 at 18.58 #2

Photo on 31-10-2013 at 18.58 #3

Photo on 31-10-2013 at 18.59 #3



My dress is from BlackMilk – I love it! What did you dress up as this year?



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  1. November 1, 2013 / 3:28 pm

    Loving your makeup! I did the a crazy effect on my face and nails for halloween!

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