Marilyn Monroe Skull Face ~ Halloween Makeup


Today I was practising a Halloween look and it came out pretty well so thought I would post some photos. It is by no means perfect but think it’s alright for a first attempt. Below I will tell you what I used and what I’ll change. I’m thinking of doing this look for Halloween along with a Marilyn Monroe wig and a white dress with blood splatters on which I’ve ordered from Black Milk. What do you think? What are you going as for Halloween this year?


For the skull side of the face I didn’t use many products at all. I might change this slightly as think I’ve ‘hollowed’ out too much of my cheek. The main products used to create this was the Nyx jumbo pencils in ‘Black Bean’ & ‘Milk’. They are super creamy & pigmented eyeliner and just glide on so easy. I used ‘Milk’ as a base all over the skull side to create the white colour. Just put lines of it over your face and blend. I think it is better to use this instead of face paint as it isn’t so greasy and if you smudge it a little bit it won’t budge quite so easily. I then created the hollows on my face using ‘Black Bean’. For the teeth and the cracks in the skull I used a smaller black eyeliner (any will do!). I then set the white eyeliner with a very light powder but a white eyeshadow will do and I set the black eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. With the black eyeshadow not only did it set the makeup it also helped me to blend the lines so they’re not so harsh.



For the Marilyn side I did just my normal foundation/bronzer/highlighter routine, penciled in my brows & done a neutral eye with winged liquid eyeliner. To give it more of a Marilyn look I added a beauty spot to my cheek and a dash of red lipstick, which is ‘Old Hollywood’ by Bobbi Brown. I have eyelash extensions on at the moment so didn’t need mascara but on Halloween I will add more to my bottom lashes.


I think I will make the crack down the centre of my face a bit smaller as it looks a bit messy!

Hope this has inspired you for Halloween!

Mwah x



  1. October 23, 2013 / 4:38 pm

    I was wondering, did you teach yourself to of make up or a course or maybe someone else taught you?

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