Yankee Candles!

Yankee Candles!

Last week I treated myself to a couple of Yankee candles. I got ‘Cinnamon Stick’ and a small ‘Christmas Cookie’. I’m almost out of ‘Cinnamon Stick’ already as I’ve been burning it constantly so treated myself to the large ‘Christmas Cookie’ because, wow, it smells good enough to eat. I find these candles make your home seem so much more welcoming and cosy, especially now the colder months are rapidly upon us. What are your favourite Yankee candles? I might give them a try next.


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  1. October 15, 2013 / 10:28 pm

    I remember at home, Yankee Candles are always burning in my house, the fall ones and Christmas ones especially.

    I’m a bit shaky with the names, but I do remember my mom loves the Christmas Cookie one you mentioned, and I remember a bunch of the pine/balsam ones being favorites around my house as well. There was one called “Mistletoe” I always pick up as a gift for the holidays for my mom and my sisters too.

    I also remember one that was peppermint-ish too, like a chocolate/pepperminty scent. You almost wanted to eat it!

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