Shopping Day…


On Saturday, Mike & I decided, on a whim, to go to on a shopping trip Birmingham. Of course this was more my idea as I love a indulgent shop in Selfridges. When we got there we went straight to the posh designer floor just because it’s always nice to admire beautiful things, obviously.

We went in to Saint Laurent & I saw a gorgeous pink handbag which pulled the ‘Elle Woods’ in me over to admire her beauty. She was so soft & pretty but I looked at the price tag and made Mike put her down immediately. Pesky thing luring me in like that.


We then rushed out of Saint Laurent and headed to the Moet bar for some lunch. I had the most delicious dinner to fuel me for the rest of the day. As I was in a bar I couldn’t leave without a cocktail so treated myself to my favourite, a French martini. Good job I didn’t have anymore as I know I would’ve turned into wreckless JB who buys everything in sight. The one cocktail did enough damage.


With Mike’s persuasion and the French martini kick in my brain I decided¬†I deserved the YSL bag. Why not? I felt sick handing over my card and couldn’t stop thinking of the money I’d spent on the bag but decided she will be timeless. There I justified it.

So without further ado here is my ‘Chyc Cabas’. She is so soft & pretty.Image

I didn’t buy much else that day but a pastel green jumper from Topshop, a skater skirt & a cami top from River Island. I then remembered I really wanted to try the new Clinique primer. So I headed for the beauty counter & asked for the one which helps with dullness. I went to use it the next day and noticed the lady had given me the primer for people with darker skin. Grr – so annoying! Think I’ll contact Selfridges & complain because that isn’t what I asked for. I was so disappointed.

Just before we left we strolled to the sunglasses area and tried on some sunnies. Why oh why do I expensive taste? A Chanel pair which I loved cost over £600!! I then came across another pair of stunning Chanel ones which had pearls on and these were around £450. I just tried them on, took a photo a left.




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