A Present For Me…


Don’t you just love online shopping?! A couple of days ago I was having a browse on BeautyBay.com & a browse is honestly all I intended it to be, but being a girl who loves pretty things & most of all, makeup, I couldn’t resist but to treat myself just a little bit. I settled on these three little beauties, which were delivered today. BeautyBay has free delivery and it is posted to you so fast! Anyway, I find online shopping to be like sending yourself little gifts as you don’t realise you’re actually spending real money. Oh well. We all should treat ourselves once in a while and if you try to watch what you are spending then it doesn’t hurt. I was sat outside when I took the above photo & I love how you can see a reflection of the sky in the Stila blush packaging!

Aren’t they pretty?


From L to R: Stila Custom Colour Blush in ‘Self-Adjusting Pink’ £13, Stila Colour Rouge Balm Lipstick in ‘Elle’ £16 & ArtDeco Bronzing Glow Blusher (limited edition – get it quick!) £20.

I used the ArtDeco Bronzing Glow Blusher today and it gives you a gorgeous healthy glow which makes you look radiant. I also tried the lipstick and it is soft on your lips and has a peppermint scent which soothes sore lips. It is organic, softens the lips and looks great so I’m glad I purchased this! It is highly pigmented and ‘Elle’ is a coral pink. Gorgeous. I’m yet to try the Stila blush but it looks like an amazing Barbie pink blush which you can leave as subtle or as bright as you’d like.




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