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If you’re subscribed to me on YouTube I just want to say sorry I haven’t uploaded lately. The iMovie on my MacBook doesn’t seem to want to sync the audio with my lips and it is so frustrating so I am going to blog about my August Beauty Favourites in detail.  I will blog about my monthly favs each month but if I have a video to go with it I will just post photos and not write too much about each item. Anyway, enjoy my August Beauty Favourites! What are your favs this month? Comment below xx


Hypnose ‘Doll Eyes’ by Lancome & Alber Elbaz – A simply beautiful mascara. Not only does the bottle looks stunning with the help of Abler Elbaz’s aesthetics but the shape of the brush and the surprising scent makes this mascara a favourite find this month. I have to be honest, I only bought this mascara because the packaging looked beautiful and as it was called ‘Doll Eyes’ I thought it would give me that 1960s look, so I was pleasantly surprised when it actually lived up to it’s name. The brush is a lovely cone shape which makes it easy to apply all over the lashes, the slimmer end makes it simple to get to the inner corners of the eye. The brush isn’t too thick or too thin but just right to give you a doll eyed look with out the clumpiness you can get with some mascaras. When I first came to pull the brush out of its beautiful bottle I got a wonderful whiff of roses and thought “…omg my mascara smells of roses, eek!!!” *love*…I know nobody will smell my eyelashes but I think that gives it a little something extra. All in all this mascara is luxurious and the little extras of collaborating with Lanvin’s designer & the fact that it smells like heaven just make it special. I will definitely repurchase when I feel like treating myself as it breaks the bank slightly at £23.00.


Rouge Volupte #7 ‘Lingerie Pink’ by Yves Saint Laurent – Like the Lancome mascara the real reason I wanted to find a Rouge Volupte lipstick was because I adored the packaging – how shallow of me but who wouldn’t love the luxuriousness of it?! However, because it was quite pricey at £24.50 I wasn’t going to settle with any colour even though it would look nice sat on my dressing table regardless if it looked drab on my lips. Anyway, I went to my nearest House of Fraser where I picked up this little beauty, #7 ‘Lingerie Pink’. The creamy lipstick is the perfect baby pink – such a Jordan colour. I find it not only looks lovely but it moisturises your lips too! The only downfall to this product is, I feel, that you have to apply it quite regularly to keep the colour as intense as you’d want it. I think this may be because it is quite creamy therefore like a lipstick/gloss. If you love a light girly pink with a slightly wet look this is for you. It makes your lips look luscious and smells of watermelon too.


‘Orgasm’ Blush by Nars – This blush has been my favourite since I first bought it the beginning of Summer. I think I’ve used it virtually everyday and the days I haven’t I’ve missed the glowy look it achieves. This is probably one of the most universal shades I have come across. It will suit so many complexions which is why its a great blush to have in your collection. In the winter months when you’re a bit more pasty it will still look as fab as when you have that summer tan. It is so buildable that you can create a light natural sweep of blush which has just kissed your cheeks or an intense blushed look. It is a stunning pinky peach shade with gorgeous golden flakes which gives you that perfect glow. When the light hits you you’ll glisten but not in a disco ball way! I’ll repurchase this as soon as it starts to show a bit of the pan! Retails at £21.50.


‘True Match’ Foundation in ‘Golden Natural’ by Loreal – For about 5 years I’ve used  MAC ‘Studio Fix’ foundation in NC25 and couldn’t imagine using anything else, especially a drug store foundation, but wow I was so surprised. Around June time I heard some great gurus talking about how ‘True Match’ was a fab foundation. I was sceptical but thought I’d give it a try as it was only £9.99 and if it was as good as they suggested I’d have saved a bit of money as MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’ costs £21.50. I’ve found this foundation to be quite watery & light but buildable and leaves your skin looking smooth. It has a lovely coverage but also lets your skin breathe as it doesn’t feel weighed down with heavy foundation. All in all it gives a similar result to MAC although looks quite a different consistency when it is pumped out of the bottle. I’ve used this most of the Summer & will definitely repurchase although I will still use MAC too.



‘In The Light’ Eyeshadow Palette by Stila – I’ve loved Stila for years and think ‘Kitten’ was one of my first high end eyeshadows as a teenager. I saw this palette on for £25.00 and thought I’d give it a try. It has 10 beautiful pigmented shades including the beautiful ‘Kitten’. As these shades are all neutral it is great for in the day but you can also wear the shades for night as 6 of them are shimmery and there is a great black in the palette called ‘Ebony’ to help create a night time look eye. In the palette you get a mirror, a waterproof smudge stick eyeliner in ‘Damsel’ which is a chocolate brown shade and a ‘tips & tricks’ leaflet.

*Bare – A matte creamy/white shade which can be used as a base or a subtle highlighter for the brow bone although you may want to add a bit of kitten if you want to make the brow bone stand out a bit more.

*Kitten – One of Stila’s best sellers. A pigmented buttery soft shimmery eyeshadow in a champagne shade. This shade suits anyone. This is great as your main eyeshadow shade or a highlight. It could be used to highlight the brow bone, cheek bones, inner corner of the eye and above the cupids bow.

*Bliss – A matte light cocoa beige/brown colour. A great transition colour from the crease colour to the highlight.

*Sunset – I love this colour. A shimmery pink, copper tone and just makes your eyes pop when worn alone or with sandstone in the crease.

*Sandstone – A matte chocolate brown. Great to use in the crease or under the eye to create a smokey look.

*Bubbly – Similar to ‘Kitten’ but more golden. Looks beautiful in the centre of the lid.

*Gilded Gold- A shimmery golden brown.

*Lusture – Described by Stila as a dark aubergine with gold shimmer.

*Night Sky – A grey/blue with shimmer.

*Ebony – A matte black


In this photo: Sunset, Sandstone, Kitten & Bubbly.


‘Strawberries & Champagne’ Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret – I got this ‘fragrance mist’ at the airport when I was off on holiday in August and it soon became a favourite as I used it everyday of my holiday in Tenerife. This smells good enough to eat and who wouldn’t want to smell that way?! It smells exactly like strawberries and champagne (duh?!) and is so fresh. MMM. You could even wear this if you’d been drinking bottles of champagne the night before and you had a banging head ache as it doesn’t have that heavy, musky alcohol smell. This refreshing spray has aloe vera & chamomile infused in with the scent so also soothes and softens your skin. I think it costs around £12 and you get 250ml so it will last quite a while. Definitely a summer smell.


‘Honey’ perfume by Marc Jacobs – Mike surprised me with this cute perfume at the beginning of August and I’ve worn it ever since. I love Marc Jacobs’ perfumes and have worn ‘Daisy’ for years as my typical ‘night time’ smell. I’ve also used ‘Lola’ in the past which is beautiful so I had high hopes for ‘Honey’. All of MJ’s perfumes have the most stunning bottles and look great sat on your shelf. Honey is no exception; a cute dotty bottle with a stripy 3D decoration to represent bees but also look like flowers. The smell? It smells of honey with fruity notes. To me I can smell lemon but researching the scent it doesn’t seem to be included…haha! Let me know if you agree with me?! It is definitely a day time fresh smell, like a Summer’s breeze. A classy but youthfully fresh perfume. 50ml retails at £50.


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