My Beautiful Struggle


“Like contouring and highlighting teaches us, where there is darkness there is always light, thats the same with life. No matter what hardship you are going through know that even in the darkest times there will be a light shining brighter”. – Jordan Bone

After I wrote my ‘Whats wrong with your hands?‘ post I had this thought in the back of my my mind that I could make it into a video but didn’t know if I should bother. However, yesterday when racking my brain for video ideas I decided it was the perfect time. Not only will this video help people in my situation, with my struggle, but it may help anyone who is going through a tough time. I truly hope this inspires so many people. I am proud yet anxious to share this vulnerable video with you. Please share this video and help spread my message.

Share one of your struggles in the comments below.

Thank you xo

Urban Decay NAKED SMOKY Review, Swatches & Tutorial



(Swatches without and with flash going from the right side of the palette to the left)


I must admit when there is hype surrounding a product I am always intrigued. However, when I heard Urban Decay were releasing another NAKED palette I knew I had to get my hands on it. I already had all three of the other Naked palettes and have been impressed with each of them. Therefore, it was obvious to me to add the Naked Smoky to my collection. What I really like about the Naked palettes is that they are so versatile as you can create so many different looks with them. The Naked Smoky is no exception.

My thoughts on the NAKED SMOKY:

The packaging has to be my favourite of all the Naked palettes with its smoky effect which looks slightly like rich marble. It has a magnetic closure which makes it feel secure. As usual you have a mirror inside and a dual-ended brush. The brush has one side for blending and the other is more of a pencil brush. I haven’t even been keen on the brushes in these palettes but this one is definitely better than the other three.

The eyeshadows are a brilliant variety of matte, metallic, satin and shimmery shades, which is what you want from a palette. The shades range from cool to warm so you can mix up your look for each sultry smoky eye you create. In total there are 12 eyeshadows in the palette, 9 of which are brand new, never before seen shades, and 3 have been seen in previous palettes. The pigmentation is pretty good (you can see for yourself in the swatches which stand out more etc.). I adore the metallic shades for the base of the lid and the inner corner and the mattes for running through the crease and smudging underneath my lash line.

The shimmery shades and the darkest shades have the most fall out so I recommend applying your eye makeup before your face makeup if you’re going for a really dark smoky look, because you will probably have panda eyes instead of sexy smoky ones. I created my above look with my foundation on first and the shimmery shade ‘High’ did fall out a bit.

This is a fab palette to add to your collection. It is definitely a great night time palette but its easily versatile for the day too.

This palette costs £38 and you can buy it now!

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below :)


Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam ‘Dark’ Review

IMG_4402 Bondi before after

(Photos L-R: Before, After Application and After Showering – excuse the natural tan lines)

With so many self tanners on the market it can be difficult to know which ones to try. This is one of the cool things about being a blogger, I can try things for you, so if they’re not great you don’t have to waste your money. When I was sent Bondi Sands Tanning Foam* in the shade Dark I couldn’t wait to smother my pasty self in the stuff. When I read that the tan smells of coconut I was even more excited as a pleasant smelling tan is rare.

I had so much faith in this tan the first time I applied it was 2 days before a wedding – risky of me I know!


As you can see in my photo above I have the Bondi Sands tanning mitt, which you can buy along side the tan, but I ended up using my regular one, as the Bondi Sands one felt too velvety for my liking. However, you may love this type of mitt. The product applied well and similarly to St Tropez but with a waft of coconut filling the air with each stroke. The scent of coconut had disappeared after a few hours and did have a more regular tan smell (however, probably a little less offensive than some tans). The tan has a colour guard (the foam is brown) so you can easily see where you have applied it. I’d say I felt sticky for around 10 minutes before I felt comfortable to put a loose top on. The tan wasn’t as dark as I had imagined at first but you can apply another layer if desired. However, after leaving it on over night and washing it off the next morning I was happy with the depth of colour. I was a naughty girl and hadn’t exfoliated properly so when I first applied it, it did cling to some dry patches on my legs but thankfully this washed off fine the next day.

The tan lasted around a week on me and I was impressed that it just faded and didn’t leave me looking patchy. I even got compliments on my tan which is always a bonus.

You can buy this Tan from Superdrug and Feel Unique in the UK and it costs £14.99 for 200ml which I think is very reasonable for the quality of the tan.

First Impressions: Benefit Green Push Up Liner & Brown They’re Real Mascara

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 14.48.28 Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 14.49.37

When I heard Benefit were releasing their ‘Killer Colours’ collection of their Push Up liner and famous They’re Real mascara I couldn’t wait to try them. Although I’m most excited to try the blue and purple, I got my hands on the Beyond Green liner & the Brown mascara. In my video I give you my first impressions of these products. When the liner was first released in black I wasn’t that impressed but I must say my opinion has changed. I hope you enjoy my video and the look I created with the two products.

(Images from

Whats Wrong With Your Hands?!

IMG_4305 IMG_4009

Is a question I see on my YouTube channel so often these days, mainly from random viewers who have just stumbled across my channel. Therefore, I thought I’d clear a few things up. Although, I know all of you who read my blog understand, I feel I could put this on my channel just to get rid of ignorant comments.

The thing I don’t understand when I see comments like, ‘Why are you holding a brush like that?’, ‘I couldn’t finish the video because of her attempt to grab her hair’ & ‘Whats wrong with her hands!?’, is why that person doesn’t just do some research first because it wouldn’t be hard to find out. If they simply watch my my main channel video it explains all about my accident.

So to those who do not know what is wrong with my hands, the answer is:

Nothing is wrong with them, they’re paralysed. The problem doesn’t lie within my hands or legs but my spinal cord which was damaged in a car accident 10 years ago when I was just 15 years old. I am paralysed from my chest down which makes me a quadriplegic so I have to use a wheelchair. I cannot open or close my hands so to be able to do my makeup, for me, is a miracle. I would practise and practise until every lash was covered in mascara, even if half of it was down my face, but I got there. There are so many things I cannot do for myself so being able to do my makeup and even teach others through my channel is such an achievement for me.

I hope that has answered your question and actually inspires you to try to do something you think is unachievable.

NYX UK Face Awards TOP 20!!!


Eek! I cannot believe I have been chosen as one of the top 20 contestants for the first ever NYX UK Face Awards. The other 19 contestants who have been chosen are all absolutely amazing and I cannot believe that I am seen as good enough amongst so many (what seem to be) qualified artists – many of whom I have been following/admiring for a while.

The NYX Face Awards is a competition where the winner will win £10,000 and a trip to LA all based on their makeup and creativity skills!

When I received the news that I was in the top 20 I was completely shocked and inspired. When I look back to 10 years ago when I would feebly lift up my limp arm to apply mascara through shaky paralysed hands, almost poking myself in the eye, I couldn’t be prouder that I’m seen as the top 20 out of like 160+ applicants. Thank you NYX for making me realise I should be proud.

For the first challenge I have to create a very short video (90 seconds…ahh!) with a ‘Quintessentially British’ theme which I’m so excited to get started with. I’m just waiting for my box of goodies from NYX to arrive to start putting my ideas onto my face! Before I do any of that though I will be filming an unboxing video of the products NYX sends me so watch out for that video (should be up Sunday!). CLICK HERE FOR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. #TeamJordan

Even if I don’t get to the final 10 I am so thankful for this opportunity and to be recognised for my work has given me so much determination for my channel to grow. Moral of this story/blog post: always believe in yourself.

Also, I have to just put this on my blog, I am so amazed that Kylie Jenner reposted my photo onto her Instagram – like whhhhat?! Seriously, the only way is up ;)