First Impressions: Benefit Green Push Up Liner & Brown They’re Real Mascara

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 14.48.28 Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 14.49.37

When I heard Benefit were releasing their ‘Killer Colours’ collection of their Push Up liner and famous They’re Real mascara I couldn’t wait to try them. Although I’m most excited to try the blue and purple, I got my hands on the Beyond Green liner & the Brown mascara. In my video I give you my first impressions of these products. When the liner was first released in black I wasn’t that impressed but I must say my opinion has changed. I hope you enjoy my video and the look I created with the two products.

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Whats Wrong With Your Hands?!

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Is a question I see on my YouTube channel so often these days, mainly from random viewers who have just stumbled across my channel. Therefore, I thought I’d clear a few things up. Although, I know all of you who read my blog understand, I feel I could put this on my channel just to get rid of ignorant comments.

The thing I don’t understand when I see comments like, ‘Why are you holding a brush like that?’, ‘I couldn’t finish the video because of her attempt to grab her hair’ & ‘Whats wrong with her hands!?’, is why that person doesn’t just do some research first because it wouldn’t be hard to find out. If they simply watch my my main channel video it explains all about my accident.

So to those who do not know what is wrong with my hands, the answer is:

Nothing is wrong with them, they’re paralysed. The problem doesn’t lie within my hands or legs but my spinal cord which was damaged in a car accident 10 years ago when I was just 15 years old. I am paralysed from my chest down which makes me a quadriplegic so I have to use a wheelchair. I cannot open or close my hands so to be able to do my makeup, for me, is a miracle. I would practise and practise until every lash was covered in mascara, even if half of it was down my face, but I got there. There are so many things I cannot do for myself so being able to do my makeup and even teach others through my channel is such an achievement for me.

I hope that has answered your question and actually inspires you to try to do something you think is unachievable.

NYX UK Face Awards TOP 20!!!


Eek! I cannot believe I have been chosen as one of the top 20 contestants for the first ever NYX UK Face Awards. The other 19 contestants who have been chosen are all absolutely amazing and I cannot believe that I am seen as good enough amongst so many (what seem to be) qualified artists – many of whom I have been following/admiring for a while.

The NYX Face Awards is a competition where the winner will win £10,000 and a trip to LA all based on their makeup and creativity skills!

When I received the news that I was in the top 20 I was completely shocked and inspired. When I look back to 10 years ago when I would feebly lift up my limp arm to apply mascara through shaky paralysed hands, almost poking myself in the eye, I couldn’t be prouder that I’m seen as the top 20 out of like 160+ applicants. Thank you NYX for making me realise I should be proud.

For the first challenge I have to create a very short video (90 seconds…ahh!) with a ‘Quintessentially British’ theme which I’m so excited to get started with. I’m just waiting for my box of goodies from NYX to arrive to start putting my ideas onto my face! Before I do any of that though I will be filming an unboxing video of the products NYX sends me so watch out for that video (should be up Sunday!). CLICK HERE FOR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. #TeamJordan

Even if I don’t get to the final 10 I am so thankful for this opportunity and to be recognised for my work has given me so much determination for my channel to grow. Moral of this story/blog post: always believe in yourself.

Also, I have to just put this on my blog, I am so amazed that Kylie Jenner reposted my photo onto her Instagram – like whhhhat?! Seriously, the only way is up ;)



BeautyCon London

IMG_5350_2 IMG_5341_2 IMG_5326_2 IMG_5328_2 IMG_5351 IMG_5342_2 IMG_5343_2 IMG_5340 IMG_5345 IMG_5330_2 IMG_5352 IMG_5361

Yesterday I was up bright and early but with just over an hour to get ready for London’s the first ever BeautyCon in the UK, held at the Olympia London. For those who don’t know, BeautyCon is basically a beauty convention with well known YouTubers talking about different topics on a panel, theres meet ups and also stalls to do a bit of shopping!

I really didn’t know what to expect from the day but was excited to chat to some fellow YouTubers/bloggers. As I was invited to the event by DailyMix I had a VIP wristband which meant I could hang out in the NYX Talent Lounge. Unfortunately, I arrived around 12pm which meant I’d missed the panel/talk I had wanted to see which was all about the business side of YouTube. I didn’t get to see any of the other talks either as I was too busy mingling but theres always next year!

As soon as I arrived in the NYX Talent Lounge I spotted the beautiful Karissa Pukas, who I have been watching for a couple of years now, we chatted for a little while which was so lovely. It felt like I’d known her personally for years as she was so easy to talk to. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch. We’re obviously destined to be friends, both of our chihuahuas are called Lola, hehe!

I then headed out of the VIP area to check out the stands. My friend Lorraine and I went to the Benefit stand for a pink lemonade thinking they were selling cocktails haha. At Benefit you could have makeovers etc but I didn’t bother with that as I was just admiring the cool retro decor! I treated myself to a new Roller Lash as I’ve used all mine up (at BeautyCon you got 10% off which was cool) and it came with a free funky makeup bag which was cute! I then went over to the Tarte stand where I wanted to go crazy but just ended up getting a small eyeshadow palette and a pretty blush for only £10 each! I wanted their mascara but unfortunately it had sold out.

We then just wandered around for a bit and then decided to go see Carli Bybel at her meet & greet. Luckily, I didn’t have to queue because it was huge! She seemed lovely and her makeup was flawless but I only spoke to her briefly. I met so many other amazing people and quite a lot of talented people knew who I was which seemed weird…in a good way of course!

Before I left NYX kindly gave me a goodie bag full of their amazing products! I’m so excited to try everything!

All in all if you love YouTube you will LOVE BeautyCon! I did think there would be more stalls but it was still awesome. I’m just dreaming of the day I get to do a meet and greet (if you believe you will achieve…). I can truly say I left feeling even more inspired for more channel to succeed. I can’t wait for the next one!

Did you go to BeautyCon??

Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Palette | Review, Swatches & Tutorial

IMG_4240 IMG_4242 IMG_4245 IMG_4247 IMG_4250 IMG_4251 IMG_4271 IMG_4272


Around a year ago I treated myself to a variety of Makeup Geek single eyeshadows to fill my Z palette. I’d heard wonderful things and even though I had to buy them from their American website, which meant risking being charged an extortionate amount of extra tax by the postman, I decided it was worth the risk. A year later and after much lusting after the Vegas Lights palette I decided to treat myself again. I’d bought this palette for my friend a few weeks before and wasn’t charged any tax at the door which I was pleased about so justified that I should buy it for myself! This time however I received a note through my door stating I had to pay £14 before I could receive it…grr!!! So basically if you’re from the UK I believe its luck of the draw if you have to pay extra charges or not. Fortunately, Makeup Geek’s shipping to the UK is rather reasonable…around £8 if I remember correctly and only took around a week to get to me.

OK, thats enough P&P chat!!! Lets get on to the palette…

The Vegas Lights palette from Makeup Geek includes 6 eyeshadows, 5 of which are unique to this palette, which is limited edition. It costs $37.99 which is around £25, making the eyeshadows just over £4 each. If you’re obsessed with warm tones on the eyes then this palette is for you. The pigmentation of each of these shadows in undeniably amazing and with one swipe you are left with a good coverage of product. In the swatches above you can see the shadows photographed with and without the flash and you can see they all look great. The lightest shade hasn’t shown up as much as I would’ve thought but when applied to the brow bone it looks lovely. Although these are powder shadows they feel almost creamy/buttery which I love because this means the blend well and don’t look too powdery or flat. The eyeshadow pans are a generous size and you can depot them and put them inside your own palette if desired. The palette includes a mirror which is always handy when on the go.

The shades and colour descriptions (taken from because I suck at describing colours):

– Casino – Shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones
– Sin City – Shimmery golden apricot/golden medium orange
– Roulette – A rosy, burnt shimmery sienna
– Mirage – Pale matte beige with yellow undertones and a silky finish
– Desert Sands – Matte, medium terra-cotta
– Bada Bing – Deep brown with flecks of gold

I really recommend this palette for those who enjoy warm tones and decent eyeshadows at a reasonable price. You can only purchase one palette per order so if you’re thinking of buying it for someone else and yourself shop fast as its limited edition!

Buy it HERE

For the review and swatches of the single eyeshadows I bought last year click HERE

Makeup Geek eyeshadows don’t contain talc, are paraben free and have not been tested on animals.

QuayXShay & OOTD

IMG_4191 IMG_4202 IMG_4212 IMG_4218 IMG_4221 IMG_4217 IMG_4292

I’d been eyeing up Quay Australia sunglasses for quite sometime but they seem to be hard to get in the UK. Luckily, ASOS stock them and they finally had the ones I love which are ones designed by Shay Mitchell called the Jinx Leopard – and no I didn’t just get them because I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars , haha! They come inside a beautiful gold case, which isn’t bulky so easy to slip into your handbag, with a lovely quote printed on to the front – “Look ahead the futures bright”. They’re quite sturdy and just look fab don’t you agree!? The best part, they’re only £35! Unfortunately, I can’t find them on ASOS now but keep your eyes peeled I’m sure they’ll have more in stock soon! However, they have others in the range and some seem to be in the sale.

OOTD (Clickable Links):

TOP ~ New Look £4.99

KIMONO ~ Topshop £36

LEGGINGS (Fave black leggings!) ~ Miss Selfridge £14.00 

10 Years…Mixed Emotions

25661_1382317994243_2285960_nIMG_5298 IMG_4041

It only felt like yesterday that I wrote my last 7th May post but its approaching that day again and I want to write down how I’m feeling. The 7th May 2015 marks 10 years since the car accident which changed my life forever. I won’t go into much detail about all of that as I wrote about it last year but I will leave a link to that blog post at the end of this one.

As each year goes by I often wonder how different my life would have been if I hadn’t broken my neck. This time of year I feel slightly somber like I am grieving a past life which I often visualise in my memory. However, I could also wonder how life would be for my family if I hadn’t survived that day – there could’ve been a worse outcome than what happened. Although I am paralysed, I was also given another chance at life even if it may be different. I love life, I wish I could explore more than I do but I guess a lot of us feel that way paralysed or not.

Being paralysed is hard no matter how positive you may be. Sometimes its good to be real and understand that these low emotions are all part of being human. Writing this with a few tears in my eyes is ok because i’m letting the frustration out so I can enjoy the rest of my day…well evening now! Generally, I am a positive person, but like I said before, this time of year just makes me remember the past. As each year passes I wonder if it will get harder because I am slowly slipping away from that 15 year old girl who could’ve had the world at her feet…instead her decision to get in that car paralysed those feet,legs,stomach and fingers.

10 years have gone by, 10 whole years. Its crazy how fast time goes…

To those who are newly injured or just feeling low remember how precious your life is. I know this blog post isn’t the most positive but I think its important for you to know that I’m not cheery all the time. Although, you maybe going through a hard time remember that even though things may have changed you can still create a wonderful life, just perhaps a different one to what you thought of before. Believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who truly care, don’t let your struggle stop you from enjoying life. Please strive to have an amazing life. Sometimes it maybe easier to say ‘Ah, fuck it!’ because you can’t be bothered with all the hassle it is to do something but know you DESERVE it so don’t be lazy!

Despite all that has happened and my negative emotions right now I have actually achieved quite a lot the past few years from raising awareness about road safety, to talking about body confidence with Lorraine Kelly to speaking on stage with Katie Piper about positivity, beauty, fashion and confidence.

Remember we each have a choice about how we react to a situation. I am trying to make a negative situation into a more positive life by trying to inspire others to have the best life possible.

Putting aside the negative start to this blog post I am actually quite proud of the woman I have become. Therefore, I need to STOP with the ‘what ifs’ and just live this bloody amazing life I am blessed with keeping. I may have had 2 lives already but maybe someday they’ll be a 3rd where I gain all my independence back (#CureParalysis) but until then I’m going to give the life I’m in now a good shot. Bring on another 10 years no matter what it may bring!

Sorry if this blog post was all over the place I just went with the flow and wrote what my heart desired. Thank you for all of your support, you guys really make me smile xo

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