Temple Spa Christmas Gift Sets

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I recently discovered Temple Spa and I have been sent a few pieces from their Christmas collection which I want to share with you. Each of the products have scents which take you away to a clean relaxing spa in the middle of nowhere, helping you treat your body like a temple. Spa wherever you are! Each of the gift sets are packaged inside sturdy winter themed boxes making them perfect for a gift during the festive season.

Temple Spa is a company from England but source their inspiration from natural ingredients and essential oils from the Mediterranean. The doctors who develop the products are based in the UK, Switzerland, and Italy and range from a biochemist near Lake Geneva to a herbalist in Suffolk. The company doesn’t test any of their products on animals which is very refreshing. You can buy their products in Harrods, Selfridges or on their website which I will link at the end of this post.


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The Peace & Light Aromatic Candle is made up from orange, winter pine and bergamot essentials oils along with scents of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, carnation, amber, patchouli, cedar wood, musk and resins. Whilst that seems like the longest list of ingredients ever this candle is not overpowering in the slightest yet fills the room with the most refreshing spa-like aroma. When you’re sat in the same room as a candle you can sometimes only smell the wonderful scent once you exit and re enter the room. However, with this candle you can smell it all around you which really does make you feel relaxed. The burn time of this candle is approximately 50 hours (200g). I have loved it so much that I’ve almost burnt through the whole thing in a week. Get it HERE.


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This is a duo of mists, one to energise and the other to relax you. One is called Quietude which is perfect for night time to make you feel calm and to ease tension. Again, this product has a long list of ingredients; cedarwood, cypress, lavender, clove, velvetier, orange patchouli, frankincense and camomile. The other mist is called Spiritude which is designed to make you feel more awake. The ingredients include; lemon, passionfruit, bergamot, grapefruit, peppermint and ginger. I adore each of these mists, you can spray them anywhere; your space, your body, a pillow or even your towel. This duo is a perfect travel sized product which can help you feel relaxed wherever you go. My room smells pretty amazing when I use these mists. In each bottle you get 10ml. Get them HERE.


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This is definitely the ultimate relaxation gift. Inside this gift set you receive a calming cd which I’ve had on for the past couple of hours whilst writing this blog post and I can tell you I feel very zen. The cd doesn’t have the typical whale music you perhaps associate with relaxation (I love those cds too) but more of a chilled out tranquil vibe. You also get a Repose cream which you can apply to your face and neck to help you feel relaxed whilst moisturising your skin. It includes jojoba which helps you to have a restful nights sleep and a cocktail of other essential oils to help you feel at ease. This cream is very rich and made my skin feel super soft. The final product inside this box of relaxation is a luxury eye duvet filled with lavender and flaxseed. Once you place it over your eyes the weight of it lays on acupressure points to help you feel calm whilst blocking out the light for a nice nights sleep or afternoon nap. It is so good to pamper yourself and I think this is the perfect gift to do just that. Get it HERE.

Find the products and more information online at www.templespa.com

Too Faced – Le Grand Chateau Review

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As ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ rapidly draws closer its time to start writing our Christmas lists. I managed to get my hands on the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau gift set and instantly fell in love with this as a gift idea. It comes packaged in the most beautiful box and inside you will find three palettes each with six eyeshadows (so 18 in total), a blush or bronzer, and one deluxe sample sized Better Than Sex mascara. This gift set is only $49/£46 in the UK (from Debenhams) which is a complete bargain for such a great quality gift set. The perfect gift for a girly girl who adores makeup.

The palettes can create a variety of looks ranging from neutral day time to evening glam. As you can see from the swatches the pigmentation is pretty good – I found they were better when applied to the eye as I usually do with swatches.

As I wrote this blog post I was disappointed to see that this gift set has now sold out in the UK and the Too Faced website but I managed to find it on Sephora so if you want to get it be very quick (click here) Too Faced have a wonderful variety of gifts at the moment so definitely check out their website www.toofaced.com.

Side note:

I’m aware that this Too Faced gift set has a Parisian theme. I am so saddened and heartbroken by what happened on Friday evening and what keeps happening all over the world right now. There is so much evil in such a beautiful world and I am sending love and light to all of those affected. XOXO

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Fast!

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After a couple of weeks of looking glamorous with lovely long (synthetic mink) individual eyelashes they can gradually start to look sparse and messy . Once they get to this point I just want them off because my makeup ends up looking rubbish. For years whenever I got to this point I would apply oily eye creams or coconut oil. Whilst these products would help break down the super strong glue I would get inpatient because it is a slow process and can’t be done with one application of an oily product.

Yesterday I discovered Eylure Lift Off which says will break down the adhesive making the false lash fall away from your natural lash. Today, I purchased the product and gave it a try. The product is a clear liquid which you apply to a cotton bud and dab onto the bottom of the lash extension (where the glue is basically). After dabbing a long my lash line then wiping gently with some damp gauze all of my false lashes came out. YAY! It actually works. This product did sting my eyes a little bit if I applied too much, so wash your eyes if you do the same. Obviously, using a natural product such as coconut oil is so much better for you but using this product now and again for a quick result is great.

I wanted to find a product like this for ages so just thought I would share it with you x

Buy it HERE

Essena O’Neill, Social Media is a lie? Only if you choose it to be.

Essena O’Neill wasn’t a instagram girl I’d heard of before, despite having an insane following of 500K, but this past week it seems everyone who has been online has heard about her rebel against social media, calling it a ‘lie’. To an extent this is true – but only of some people. I feel that calling everyone’s social media life a lie is wrong because not everyone just goes out to post meaningless photos. My instagram, along with all of my other platforms, is to inspire. Not all of my photos have a profound caption with them but I like to show the art of my makeup and my life. I’ve had so many messages from around the world that my positive attitude to life has inspired them to feel better about a struggle they’re going through. I’m always honest and say I’m not always positive and even that helps people too BECAUSE NO ONE IS PERFECT. Social media can be a lie if you choose it to be, it can be meaningless staged photos if you choose it to be BUT it can also be amazing. It can connect us and inspire us. Although, Essena says we shouldn’t feel validation from ‘likes’ or ‘followers’, for me, gaining more followers is such an achievement because it means I have the opportunity to inspire and help more people. Although there will be sponsored posts here and there, I promise you I will only accept money for a post if I genuinely like something. To be able to be an online content creator is great and something I have loved doing for years so if I can make a career out of it I think its bloody incredible.

I hope Essena’s message is from a positive place. However, I do think it is ironic that someone who decided to quit social media now has SO much social media attention – more than she ever has had. It seems like she has created an online hype and there seems to be more validation than ever. I definitely wish her luck on her personal journey but I am pretty confused why she didn’t just stop social media quietly as opposed to sharing it ON SOCIAL MEDIA if it was genuine (she’s also created a new website which to me is still social media!). Stepping away from computers,phones & iPads is so healthy now and again because we are all so wrapped up in a virtual world but thats the internet in general and not solely social media.

If you use social media in a positive way and spread a message it can be amazing, but if it is just for likes with no real purpose its not necessarily a lie but just pointless. We can create a movement through Instagram – it doesn’t have to be mindless.

What are your thoughts?

Chunky Knit – OOTD

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Knitwear is a key staple in everyone’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe but finding great pieces which you won’t get bored of wearing isn’t always easy. Jumpers can be a bit ‘bleugh’ so when I found this long high neck ribbed jumper I knew it had to be hanging in my wardrobe. With its little details making it different this is more than just a boring jumper. I teamed this grey bell sleeved jumper simply with tights but it would look great with jeans. I love being snuggled up and warm so I might as well do it in style if I can, and this jumper ticks both the style and snuggle boxes. Win,win. I’m pretty sure this jumper will be a piece I will love for a good few years.


HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you have a great Halloween weekend!

Black Lace – OOTD

IMG_5271 IMG_5275 IMG_5277 IMG_5282IMG_5272IMG_5288IMG_5292IMG_5294IMG_5283

(None of the photographs are edited at all apart from the last one which I made black and white)

This fashion post focus is all on this beautiful lace swing dress. I personally think you could dress this up or dress it down which makes it suitable for a variety of occasions.

I don’t tend to do many fashion posts but I’d love to start doing more. Sat in a wheelchair sometimes its hard to do different poses but I guess that doesn’t matter too much. Its always good to step outside of your comfort zone and knowing I couldn’t stand cooly against these gothic gates was annoying but I worked with what I had. Let me know what you think.

What I’m wearing (Clickable Links)






Let me know if you’d like a makeup tutorial of this look!

In The Balm Of Your Hand Palette

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From this palette I am wearing: Face: Hot Mama Blush, Bahama Mama Bronzer & Mary-Lou Manizer Highlight. Eyes: Bahama Mama through the crease, a small amount of Sexy though the crease, Lead Zeppelin on the lid and lower lash line & Mary-Lou Manizer on the inner corner. Lips: Mia Moore. This photo isn’t edited in anyway.

The Balm has come out with an amazing limited edition palette packed with its greatest hits. All of the products found in this one palette can either be found individually or within other palettes. If you want to try some of the best of  The Balm products then I highly recommend adding the In The Balm Of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol.1 palette to your collection as its much cheaper than buying all of the products separately (especially as many of them are part of other palettes). Most of us are aware that Mary-Lou Manizer is such a hit, as is Bahama Mama, but you may not have heard much about their other products so this palette is a wonderful introduction. As usual  the packaging doesn’t disappoint, I always love the retro kitsch look of The Balm products. The quality of the products are great. The limited edition palette (created for autumn/christmas) will cost £26 once its released (I’m not 100% sure when its released in the UK but keep an eye out on The Balm’s instagram (@TheBalmEu).

Whats inside?

3 Powder Blushes:

‘Hot Mama’ – A peachy pink shimmery

Instain ‘Argyle’ –  A matte petal pink

‘Cabana Boy’-  A dusty rose

1 Bronzer

‘Bahama Mama’ – A matte bronze powder

4 Eyeshadows

Shady Lady Vol.2 ‘Insane Jane’ – A shimmery taupe

Shady Lady Special Edition ‘Mischievous Marissa’ – A shimmery peach champagne

Nude’tude ‘Sexy’ – A matte burgundy

Balm Jovi ‘Lead Zepplin’ – A shimmery dark green

1 Highlighter 

Mary-Lou Manizer – A honey hued highlight

2 Lipsticks

How ‘Bout Them Apples ‘Caramel’ – A orange brown shade which can be used on the cheeks or lips

The Balm Girls ‘Mia Moore’ – A true red