The Vegan Kind Subscription Box: TVK14


Every month I receive a box full of surprise goodies from The Vegan Kind (TVK). In each box I receive a random variety of vegan products from food, to household products to beauty products and I have to say December’s box has really impressed me – in fact I have never been disappointed in the contents of a Vegan Kind box. It costs £10 + £3.15 P+P. Each month TVK donates 10p from each box to a charity of our choice – you vote for what charity you’d like to see the money go to on their Facebook page. This month the charity chosen is Soi Dog Foundation which is a lovely charity which helps improve the lives of dogs and cats in Thailand. I really admire companies that give back and TVK do so every month. You can subscribe HERE but you can also buy just one off boxes which would make a really cool gift.

When I received this months box it was so strange because I was about to pop the kettle on but decided to open the box first incase there was tea inside…spookily there was! So without further ado please continue to read what is inside this fab box (each title is a clickable link to their own website).

* Harper’s Bizarre Jingle Bells Christmas Candle 100g (RRP £5) – As soon as I saw this cute little candle I had to light it and it filled my room with the most Christmasy welcoming smell (soft citrus and spice to be exact). This candle is rather small so is a sneak peak into the brand, mine lasted 2 days but I had it on about 1/2 a day each day. On the website you can get larger candles and there is a rather large collection. Harper’s Bizarre is an independent company based in East Yorkshire and all of their candles are homemade out of soy wax and are certified vegan friendly.

*Wholegrain Gingerbread Toppers 100g (RRP £2.50) – This is simply delicious. I am not vegan (just vegetarian) so I have been sprinkling this limited edition festive nutritious topper on to my Greek yoghurt in the mornings. It is so tasty and adds a sweet gingerbread taste to my breakfast. Toppers are versatile and you can pop them in porridge, fruit salads or even eat alone as a snack. Wholeplus is a company that creates healthy yet yummy produce with complex nutrients! You can get 15% off your order with the code TOPPERS15 (Valid until the end of January 2015)

*Olive Branch Gluten Free Sweet Biscuits 130g (£2.79) – Wow I just love these little biscuits. I received the festive flavour of almond & clove which are so yum and perfect with a cup of tea. You get quite a lot in a packet so I’m yet to eat them all – I’m sure it won’t take me long though! Olive Branch has a few different flavours of these so I’ll be treating myself to some more. You can get 10% off your order with the code TVK010. These are a great treat to have in your cupboard and are friendly for those who have gluten allergies too.

*Teatonics Mind Awakening Yerba & Laid Back Botanical Tea (2 teabags) (RRP £1) – These teas are made with the best herbs from around the globe. The Mind Awakening tea is made from a plant called yerba mate which is said to have three kinds of feel-good compounds along with more antioxidants than you’d find in green tea. This stimulating tea gives your metabolism a boost but doesn’t give you the shakes like coffee can! The Laid Back Botanical tea is perfect to have before heading to bed with its calming ingredients such as chamomile and lavender. It also is blended with green rooibos which helps digestion. Both of these teas are very smooth and pleasant to drink. You can get a gift box of both blends for £9.50 which is 20% off a £12 box just head to – I’ve just taken advantage of this offer!

*Green People Toothpaste 50ml (RRP £3.50) – This is a fluoride free, vegan friendly toothpaste which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. I am yet to try it but it seems pretty good for those looking for something a bit different to what you generally find in the supermarkets. This toothpaste is said to be great for those with sensitive teeth and bleeding gums as it is made without the irritating ingredient SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). You can get 15% off any Green People toothpaste with the code VEGANBOX (valid until 31st January 2015)

So that sums up this months Vegan Kind box, are you as impressed as I am?

Avon’s Guest Blogger


Hey guys,

Over the next month or so you will see me over on Avon’s beauty blog as one of their guest bloggers. I was so excited to be asked to be featured as I feel it is such a compliment that they enjoy my writing and YouTube videos. Whilst I’m featured on their blog I will be writing up reviews, written tutorials and making video tutorials using all of their wonderful products. One of my video tutorials was creating the look above which I really love…especially the eyeshadow, so if you like it too then stay tuned and keep checking their blog. I would really love your support so please do leave me some comments on the looks I create.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and are getting ready for Christmas – I can’t believe its only a week away, luckily I’ve completed my Christmas shopping! Have you?

With love,

Jordan xo

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette: Review & Swatches

IMG_3024IMG_3029IMG_3028IMG_3299 IMG_3306IMG_3307

After having so much love for Urban Decay’s Naked palettes I never thought they could outdo themselves until I treated myself to their Vice 3 palette. This palette contains an incredible 20 eyeshadows (created especially for Vice 3) encased in a pretty large palette with an impressively sized mirror and double ended eyeshadow brush packaged inside a beautiful makeup bag – woah, that was a mouthful.

The Vice 3 palette offers you everything you need and more with matte, satin, sparkly and metallic shades in an amazing range of colours. However, I would say there aren’t too many matte shades so if you’re not a massive fan of the more metallic shades then I would stay away  from this palette – this wasn’t a problem for me as the mattes that are offered worked well for me. The shades are grouped in themed vertical rows of four which are; neutrals, jewelled and smokey. The texture of every single shadow is incredibly silky which makes them so beautiful to blend. As you can see from my swatches the pigmentation is fantastic and you can kind of see how buttery they are. With the cocktail of finishes and shades you can create such a wide range of looks with this one palette from bold and bright to subtle and neutral. This palette is probably the most perfect one I’ve come across for when you’re travelling as it has everything you need including a large mirror which is good enough to do your whole makeup look in.

This palette looks so luxurious yet funky with its bold 3D effect on the front. The Vice 3 is definitely one I recommend treating yourself to or buying for a loved one this Christmas and at £42 I think it is very reasonable! However, this is limited edition so if you want to get your mitts on it I wouldn’t wait too long!

You can buy it here

The Most Amazing Luxury Candle From Mila

IMG_3148 IMG_3149

A few weeks ago I received an email from Mila asking if they could gift me a candle and seeing as I adore candles I couldn’t turn down a free one. I’d never heard of Mila before and because the candle was being gifted to me I didn’t expect to love it. However, I instantly fell in love with it so I thought I needed to share it with you.

The Scuro Scented Candle from Mila is made for night time and has a very sophisticated scent. I’m the worst at describing smells but as soon as anyone comes into my house whilst its burning I have so many compliments on the incredible smell – which says it all really. This candle doesn’t smell like any I’ve ever used before but the notes of it are clove bud, frangiapani, vetiver and moss – how fancy! Not only does it smell incredible it looks lovely in its gorgeous purple glass holder. The candle is said to last 45 hours but I am still yet to use it all so can’t comment on how accurate that is.

I think this candle would make a wonderful gift because, lets face it, even the box looks amazing! You can purchase it at  and costs £38. This may seem expensive but you get what you pay for when it comes to luxurious products.

Have you tried any products from Mila before?





Festive Sparkly Eyes

Products used (clickable links):

Peach Smoothie eyeshadow from Makeup Geek

Creme Brûlée eyeshadow from Makeup Geek

Cocoa Bear eyeshadow from Makeup Geek

Bitten eyeshadow from Makeup Geek

Gold Digger eyeshadow from Makeup Geek

Studio Fix+ from MAC

Gold glitter pigment from MAC

English Gilt pigment from MAC

Fascinating eyeliner from MAC

Black liquid eyeliner from NYC

Cheater mascara from The Balm

Deep Plum lip liner from Avon

Seduction lip gloss from Gerard Cosmetics (25% off your order with the code JBLIFE)

Free Your Mind With A Mindfulness Workshop!



A few years ago I was very depressed and was on antidepressants but one day I randomly came across meditation and decided to give it a try. After a while I decided that life was worth living and the meditation helped me to realise that. After a few months I finally felt happy and instead of filling my body with pills I decided to use meditation as my medication. I spoke to my doctor who was reluctant for me to say goodbye to the pills at first but I assured him I felt ready. This was back in 2010 and I haven’t gone back on medication. Thank you meditation.

Along with generally feeling happier there are so many other health benefits to meditating. A few examples which research has shown is that meditation can reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, and helps reduce the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. It has also been shown that those who meditate go to the doctors less. I am so glad to share with you a free new workshop ran by the NHS in Norfolk and Suffolk that people can attend to relieve stress, anxiety and depression – this workshop is called Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps us to live in the present moment by using breathing techniques, meditation and yoga. With such busy lives we tend to stress about situations that haven’t even happened yet or we just feel that we have so much to do that we worry about the future and forget to live in the beauty of the moment. Sometimes we have such a messy mind and don’t even know what is causing the stress so by using the Mindfulness techniques we can allow the feelings to come to us because we are consciously paying attention to ourselves. By doing this we can then try to understand the root of the problem of how we feel and ultimately have a better quality of life.

*Meditation – participants sit silently and pay attention to the sensations of breathing or other regions of the body, bringing the attention back whenever the mind wanders.

*Yoga – participants often move through a series of postures that stretch and flex the body, with emphasis on awareness of the breath.

*Tai Chi – participants perform a series of slow movements, with emphasis on awareness of breathing.

Easy steps to bring Mindfulness in to our lives…

During our everyday life we won’t constantly be meditating or practising yoga so below are a few ideas to help you live in the moment throughout your day.

* Observing Mindfully ~ Take time to observe your surroundings and the beauty they offer. Indulge with your senses and take notice of what you hear, feel, smell, and the colours you see. For example, if you are sat outside in your garden take notice of the birds singing, the way the trees leaves are blowing in the breeze, literally everything because this helps us live in the moment.

* Walking Mindfully ~  Go for a ten minute stroll and take notice each time your foot hits the ground and the sensations it gives you and the sound it makes. If you start thinking about other things don’t worry just focus on your feet and you will be back in the moment.

* Eating Mindfully ~ Take notice of the piece of food you’re about to eat. Look at its shape, its texture, its smell etc. Take a small bite and rest the piece of food in your mouth and notice if you can taste any flavours and how it feels then slowly chew and again take notice of the flavour, texture and if there are any changed to how it first felt in your mouth. Before taking another bite or even thinking about your next bite make sure you have completely finished the previous one so you’re fully taking everything in and being mindful.

To find out when the next Mindfulness workshop is taking place in Norfolk and Suffolk then head over to: 

Affordable First Impressions: Morphe 35W Palette

In this weeks video I tell you my first impressions of the Morphe 35W palette along with a few other products. I hope the reviews of all the products in this video have helped you decide whether or not you’re willing to purchase them.

Products used:

Morphe 35W Palette –
NYX Gel Liner in ‘Betty’ UK website –
USA website –
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara UK website –
USA website –
Gerard Cosmetic Plum Crazy lip gloss –

Get 25% off your order at & with the code JBLIFE